In between

In between

Dr. Oana Ionel

The exhibition “Spatiu Între – in between” refers to the interstices that give meaning to the whole. Gabriela von Habsburg is describing in her three-dimensional sculptures and her lithographs the space in between, as the element giving purpose and meaning. The dialectic of clear geometric forms and space in between, the presence and absence is sharpening the identity and creates the whole artwork. In fact that the clear lines of her sculptures are from steel sharpens the contrast in our perception and creates an elegance, carried by the space in between.

In the same way, Romania is an intermediate space between the “Western Roman Empire” and the “Byzantine Orthodox Empire”, between orient and occident, a country in between that gives meaning to both cultures and develops its own meaning in its diversity. The mutual aspects have to gain awareness, as the Christian-Hebrew roots of our civilization and its development in the last 2.000 years.

Not only geographically, but as well on the time the romanian society is a changing society. On one side deeply rooted in traditions and values of the middle-age – on the other side world-wide one of the leading societies in information technologies. Again Romania is in between in combining both.

At the end of the line, the Luxembourg born Gabriela von Habsburg shows to us in this exhibition that it is the cultural and geographical “space in between” that teach us to respect diversity in daily life contact with people.